Updated December 01, 2022.

Leith Wheeler
Short Term Income Fund


To provide investors with an improved rate of return for short term investments, while preserving the value of their investment.

Investment Style

This Fund invests primarily in cash, short term notes, banker’s acceptances, treasury bills, corporate paper, and other similar investments. The Fund may also invest in securities issued by corporations, including fixed coupon bonds, step-up bonds, sinking funds and amortizing bonds, medium term notes, callable and putable bonds, floating rate notes, zero coupon bonds, and other similar securities. The minimum credit rating at time of purchase is “R1 (low)” for cash and cash equivalents and “BBB (low)” for fixed income securities. The maximum duration for a single issue is 1.5 years.

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Fund Details

Risk Level

Low High

Fund Code


Asset Class

Fixed Income

Daily Price




Quarter End Fund Size

$139.8 million

Series Inception Date

May 25, 2018

Fund Inception Date

Dec 15, 2016


0.27% (Management fee on which the MER is based temporarily reduced from 0.48% at the discretion of Leith Wheeler)

RRSP/RRIF Eligible


Distribution Frequency


Number Of Holdings


Minimum Investment

  • $5,000 initial
  • $1,000 subsequent

Quarter End Yield


Reference Index

  • FTSE Canada 91 Day T-Bill**