Regulatory Extension of Disclosure Filing Deadlines

Regulatory Extension of Disclosure Filing Deadlines

Given the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the BC Securities Commission has granted extensions to the filing deadlines for mandated disclosures by BC-based money managers like Leith Wheeler. We’ve listed the funds affected, the disclosures, and the new deadlines, below. Our existing filings, which are posted on our Forms & Documents page, will be updated prior to the new deadlines. For more information, see BC Instrument 81-519.

Notice of 45-Day Extension of Disclosure Filing Deadlines

Please take notice that the Leith Wheeler Investment Funds (see list of funds at bottom of notice) and the Leith Wheeler U.S. Dividend Fund are relying on BC Instrument 81-519 Extension of Certain Filing, Sending, Delivering and Prospectus Renewal Requirements of Investment Funds (“BCI 81-519”) to extend certain disclosure deadlines by up to 45 days.

The following table sets out the documents required to be filed, their original deadline and the date of their extended deadline.



Leith Wheeler Balanced Fund
Leith Wheeler Canadian Dividend Fund
Leith Wheeler Canadian Equity Fund
Leith Wheeler Carbon Constrained Canadian Equity Fund
Leith Wheeler Core Bond Fund
Leith Wheeler Corporate Advantage Fund
Leith Wheeler Emerging Markets Equity Fund
Leith Wheeler High Yield Bond Fund
Leith Wheeler Income Advantage Fund
Leith Wheeler International Equity Plus Fund
Leith Wheeler Money Market Fund
Leith Wheeler Multi Credit Fund
Leith Wheeler Preferred Share Fund
Leith Wheeler Short Term Income Fund
Leith Wheeler U.S. Equity Fund
Leith Wheeler U.S. Small/Mid-Cap Equity Fund