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For Advisors

If you are a fee-based investment advisor, we welcome you to connect with our team to see how our proven value style of investing can benefit your clients.

Investment Advisor Partnerships

For over 35 years, Leith Wheeler has been one of Canada’s leading independent, employee-owned investment managers. In 2015, we extended our offering to build partnerships with fee-based financial advisors, discretionary portfolio managers and investment counsel firms through an F-series suite of funds.

By only offering one series, we are able to keep our fees among the lowest in the industry.

The minimum initial investment is $5,000 and $1,000 for additional purchases.

F-Series Suite of Funds

Fixed Income

At Leith Wheeler, we take a conservative and disciplined approach to fixed income. We believe that consistent outperformance can best be delivered through a diversified set of independent views. Relative value is the cornerstone of our research-driven approach with significant time allocated to proprietary credit, economic and risk analytics. The overall goal of this process is to deliver relatively stable risk-adjusted returns through various economic and investing cycles.

As a critical part of this strategy, we impose a disciplined risk budgeting approach to add value through a combination of strategies including duration, yield curve management, security selection and strategic allocation.


Leith Wheeler has a proud history of managing balanced portfolios for some of Canada’s largest pension plans and corporations. Our goal has always been to protect our clients’ capital while offering superior investment growth, regardless of economic conditions. Our multi asset portfolios are all run using a team approach.

We have a six-person internal Portfolio Review Committee (PRC) with representation from our Equity, Fixed Income and Portfolio Management teams. The PRC sets ranges for the balanced asset mix and makes tactical adjustments based on bottom-up forecasted returns, relative valuations and an assessment of economic and market data.


As long-term value investors, we pick stocks as though we are buying the whole company. We prefer to buy businesses that have some competitive advantage that can generate stable cash flows and provide attractive returns over a business cycle. As a result, our research efforts are focused on finding solid businesses trading under a temporary cloud such that the value is not clear to the market. 

We are not driven by short term performance or a need to build market-like portfolios - this results in a concentrated portfolio built with our best ideas.

Risk Management

At Leith Wheeler we look at risk as the chance of permanently losing money from an investment. 

We have a dedicated Investment Analytics team with extensive global experience providing support to our investment professionals through the development of internal decision analysis, portfolio optimization and compliance tools.

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