Pension Plans

Pension Plans

For over 30 years, we've been privileged to manage assets for union and multi-employer pension plans.

Proud History

We have a proud history of working with trustees, committees and board members associated with long-term investment funds. Our value investment approach is well suited to pension plans and has generated a successful track record of protecting and growing our clients’ capital.

We work with some of the nation’s largest employer-sponsored pension plans, as well as unions, corporations, insurance companies, universities and public sector plans. Our pension clients range from defined benefit, defined contribution and negotiated cost plans, to group retirement savings arrangements. We offer a wide range of investment solutions to meet our clients' diverse needs, including balanced, specialty fixed income, specialty equity and customized liability- driven mandates. 

Our portfolio managers have extensive experience in the industry, speaking regularly at conferences and helping to organize educational programs for pension plan trustees.

Liability-Driven Solutions

We have been managing liability-driven investment mandates for many of our largest pension plan clients for over a decade and have significant in-house investment and actuarial experience.

We work closely with our clients, and their actuaries and consultants, to understand their funding pressures and liability constraints to develop customized liability-driven solutions. We are experienced providing duration matching portfolios with high levels of precision, while also determining the appropriate level of credit risk necessary to generate incremental returns relative government bond portfolio alternatives.

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