Updated June 14, 2024.

Leith Wheeler
Balanced Fund


The Fund seeks to provide a relatively stable, above-average long-term rate of return, through a balanced portfolio of equities and fixed income securities. We will not change the fundamental investment objectives of the Fund without the consent of unitholders (either by written consent of holders of at least 50% of the outstanding units, or by the majority vote at a meeting of unitholders).

Investment Style

We tactically manage the investment mix between fixed income and equity securities as opportunities arise, but a portion of the Fund will be maintained in each asset class. Generally, the Fund's holdings in equity securities will range between 40% and 75% of its total investments (up to 40% in foreign equities), with the remaining assets in fixed income securities. Within the equity component, we utilize a value approach to stock selection, applying bottom-up, fundamental analysis to all investment decisions. Our investment goal is to protect client capital while offering superior investment growth, regardless of economic conditions. We seek to invest in solid companies run by strong management teams that can navigate variable market conditions. Fixed income securities are chosen to provide safety of capital and liquidity. We use a relative valuation approach and will hold investment grade corporate bonds, high yield bonds, and other fixed income securities in the fixed income component of the Fund.

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Fund Details

Risk Level

Low High

Fund Code


Asset Class


Daily Price



Quarter End Fund Size

$229.8 million

Series Inception Date

Sep 22, 1987

Fund Inception Date

Sep 22, 1987



RRSP/RRIF Eligible


Distribution Frequency


Number Of Holdings


Minimum Investment

  • $25,000 initial
  • $1,000 subsequent

Quarter End Yield


Reference Index

  • 30% S&P/TSX Composite
  • 15% S&P 500 (C$)
  • 15% MSCI EAFE - Net (C$)
  • 35% FTSE Canada Universe Bond
  • 5% FTSE Canada 91 Day T-Bill*