Investment Counsel

Discretionary Investors

We build investment portfolios that translate our clients' financial goals into reality.

Discretionary Investment Services

We work closely with our clients to build portfolios tailored to their unique needs.

Portfolio of Funds

For clients with over $500,000 to invest, we utilize our comprehensive suite of Investment Funds to create unique portfolios that evolve over to time to remain aligned with their dynamic investment objectives.

Segregated Portfolios

For clients with over $1 million to invest, we utilize individual securities to create portfolios that have the ability to take into consideration their unique tax and personal investment constraints.

Portfolio Construction Process

When building client portfolios, our Portfolio Managers apply the following rigorous framework.

Investment Policy Statement Development

The Investment Policy Statement forms the road map for our clients' portfolios. It includes a summary of their current financial situation, goals for the future and expectations of us, their Investment Manager.

Portfolio Implementation & Rebalancing

We construct our clients' portfolios to reflect the guidelines in their Investment Policy Statements and continually monitor their progress to ensure that as markets shift, they continue to be aligned with their long-term goals.

Portfolio Reporting

We pride ourselves on our transparency and always aim to provide our clients with timely portfolio reporting that lets them know in plain language how their portfolio has performed, and what adjustments may be required.

Portfolio Review

Regular, face-to-face meetings are an invaluable tool to ensure we remain informed about our clients’ ever-evolving financial lives. We are always happy to meet at the time and location that works best for them.

Portfolio Investment Considerations


Our approach to equity investing is driven by the desire to identify and purchase companies with proven track records and sound valuations. We are not motivated by quarterly performance or a need to build market-like portfolios. We pick stocks as though we are buying the whole company and prefer businesses with a competitive advantage that will preserve the company’s ability to deliver attractive returns going forward.

Fixed Income

Fixed income investments ideally provide security, stability and predictable income. We’ve delivered exceptional performance for our clients in this area by applying a conservative, disciplined approach that utilizes multiple strategies to add value. Our risk-management strategies, independent research and collaboration with our equity team ensure consistency of performance through economic and investing cycles.

Managing Risk

We define risk differently at Leith Wheeler. Risk from our perspective is the chance of permanently losing money for our clients on an investment. We’re always thinking about potential downsides when considering any investment strategy. Volatility only concerns us when we must sell, otherwise it’s a source of opportunity for patient investors.

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