Investment Philosophy

Value Investing, for the Long Term.

We help our clients look beyond the hype, to take a diligent and disciplined approach to investing.

Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is defined by our unwavering commitment to value investing, which is always supported by our own independent research and analysis.

Team Approach

We apply a team-based approach to managing our clients' portfolios, which is designed to minimize risk and maximize return opportunities. Our success is rooted in each member leveraging their individual expertise to maximize the collective benefit for our clients. Succession planning is a critical component of this approach and helps ensure our value investment style is consistently applied now and into the future.


Our approach to building equity portfolios is driven by the desire to identify and purchase companies with proven track records and sound valuations. We are not motivated by quarterly performance or a need to build market-like portfolios. We pick stocks as though we are buying the whole company and prefer businesses with a competitive advantage that will preserve the company’s ability to deliver attractive returns going forward.

Fixed Income

Fixed income portfolios ideally provide security, stability and predictable income. We’ve delivered exceptional performance for our clients in this area by applying a conservative, disciplined approach that utilizes multiple strategies to add value. Our risk-management strategies, independent research and collaboration with our equity team ensure consistency through ever-evolving economic and investing cycles.

Investment Analytics

Our investment process across all asset classes is driven by fundamental analysis of individual securities. We augment this bottom-up approach by employing several quantitative models and systems to evaluate the universe of investments available to our clients. Our Investment Analytics team provides essential support to our investment teams by developing our proprietary security analysis, portfolio optimization, compliance and risk management tools.

Responsible Investment

Addressing responsible corporate conduct has been a critical component of our investment process since the inception of our firm. We have always recognized that poor environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices will have a negative impact on a company’s balance sheet and income statement, and inevitably affect the sustainable performance of our clients' investments over the long-term.


We have been a proud signatory of the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) since December 2013, making us one of the first independent investment managers in Canada to support the initiative. As a signatory of the UNPRI, we commit to actively incorporating ESG issues into our investment analysis, ownership policies and disclosures, as well as promoting, enhancing and reporting on our progress in implementing the Principles.