Leith Wheeler Launches Three New Funds

Leith Wheeler Launches Three New Funds

We are excited to announce we have added three new funds to our direct (B-series) and third party-advised (F-series) platforms: 

Leith Wheeler Short Term Income Fund (Series BF): A good alternative to a savings account, the Short Term Income Fund aims to generate income for investors while preserving capital. As a Leith Wheeler fund, it can also serve as an excellent repository for cash within your investment strategy. This Fund invests primarily in cash, short term notes, banker’s acceptances, treasury bills, corporate paper, and other similar investments.

Leith Wheeler Preferred Share Fund (Series BF): We have long incorporated preferred shares into our investment solutions, including them as a key part of the Corporate Advantage and Income Advantage Funds. Now clients can access this asset class directly by purchasing units of the standalone fund.  

Leith Wheeler Carbon Constrained Canadian Equity Fund (Series B,F): We evaluate company performance on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors as an integral part of our investment process. In this fund, we focus specifically on carbon footprint by screening out companies that earn more than 30% of their income from the extraction or sale of fossil fuels, or from the servicing of or sale of power generated by the fossil fuel industry.

To learn more, please reach out to your portfolio manager or contact us at 1.888.292.1122.