Upcoming Indigenous Education Workshops

Upcoming Indigenous Education Workshops

Leith Wheeler portfolio manager Andrew Hoffman will be headed to Saskatoon September 11 to take part in the 14th annual Aboriginal Trust and Investment Workshop. The two-day conference is widely attended by Indigenous community leaders, and 2018 marks the ninth time Leith Wheeler portfolio managers have provided educational sessions. Past topics have included Behavioural Biases in Decision Making, Evaluating Performance, Developing Investment Policy Statements, and Managing Investments in a Rising Interest Rate Environment.

This year, Hoffman is appearing on a plenary panel regarding the topic of sustainability. “‘Sustainability’ is a popular topic these days,” he says. “In this panel discussion, we will discuss its meaning from the point-of-view of an investment manager, an Indigenous lawyer, a First Nation, and a First Nation economic development officer.”

Fellow Leith Wheeler portfolio managers Michael Job and Daren Atkinson will also be leading a session at the upcoming Aboriginal Finance Officers Association National Conference in Ottawa October 2-4. They will be reflecting on “Bubbles, Past & Present,” to help attendees identify and avoid investment bubbles by learning from history’s most hysterical and spectacular failures.

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