Every aspect of our clients' portfolios is overseen by a dedicated team of investment experts.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our experienced investment professionals work closely with each other to ensure that our clients' portfolios are expertly positioned to capitalize on the long-term opportunities of value investing.

Leadership Team

Our firm's day-to-day management is conducted by a team of accomplished professionals who oversee its operations, financial management and compliance requirements.

Institutional Portfolio Management

Our Institutional Portfolio Management team is responsible for managing corporate, foundation and endowment, First Nation, multi-employer union, private and public sector pension portfolios.

Private Client Portfolio Management

Our Private Client Portfolio Management team is responsible for managing non-registered, RRSP, RRIF, RESP, TFSA, and Trust portfolios for individuals and families.

F-Series Investment Funds

Our team partners with fee-based financial advisors and discretionary portfolio managers to provide Leith Wheeler F-series solutions for their clients.


Our clients' equity investments are managed by a team of seasoned investment professionals, who are recognized within the investment community for their depth of knowledge and experience. 

Fixed Income

Our Fixed Income team oversees our clients' fixed bond investments with a focus on consistency of returns and safety of capital. Together they have established one of the premier fixed income track records in Canada.

Investment Analytics

Our Investment Analytics team provides essential support to our investment teams by developing our proprietary security analysis, portfolio optimization, compliance and risk management tools.

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